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  • Lakeview Chamber of Commerce

  • The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce is a community of entrepreneurs working together and supporting each other to create a stronger neighborhood and business environment, through advocacy, promotion, networking and education. Originally founded in 1951 as the Lincoln Belmont Ashland Business Association, our organization is a leader in supporting businesses with valuable resources, programming and services that advance our neighborhood's business success, guided by our Lakeview Area Master Plan. We leverage private funding, government resources and programs, and support from more than 250 members to help our local business community thrive.

    The Lakeview Chamber serves as the sole service provider of Special Service Area (SSA) 27, a local taxing district that supports additional programs and services to supplement city services, including neighborhood promotion and public space enhancements. The Lakeview Chamber also partners with the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Friends of Lakeview on community events and capital improvement projects that advance common goals.


    We envision Lakeview as Chicago's most sought after neighborhood.


    Our mission is to support a resilient local economy and high quality of life for the benefit of businesses and residents in Chicago’s Lakeview community through neighborhood promotion, business development, advocacy, and public space enhancements. We are a partnership between the Lakeview Chamber, SSA 27 and Friends of Lakeview, and we support each other to advance our common mission.


    • Community First: We believe that our purpose is to support and promote our community, not our organization. This should lead in everything we do. We make decisions based on the best interest of our greater community, not for the benefit of any one individual or business.
    • Innovation: We believe that innovating is an important way to inspire people and to set our community apart, while ensuring that we are adapting for the future in a rapidly-changing environment. We are forward-thinking optimists who believe there’s power in positive thinking and are not afraid to take risks. We focus more on promoting what we want for our community than opposing what we don’t want.
    • Inclusivity: We believe diversity is important for a community’s success and resilience. We strive to be a community that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds.

    Program Areas

    • Neighborhood Promotion: We market our neighborhood as a desirable destination for consumers and investors, host memorable community events that connect consumers to our retail districts, and also assist individual businesses with promoting themselves.
    • Business Development: We provide regular networking and education events as well as one-on-one technical assistance in order to strengthen our businesses, while also recruiting new businesses to our community.
    • Advocacy: We serve as the voice of local businesses and protect our neighborhood's commercial interests by representing small business needs on important policy and development issues that impact our area.
    • Public Space Enhancements: We maintain clean, green and welcoming sidewalks and develop new spaces that invite people to linger and connect with their community.

    Service Area

    Our service area is from Diversey Pkwy. to Irving Park Rd. and from Racine Ave. to Ravenswood Ave. Learn more about our neighborhood here.