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  • Parks & Public Spaces

    Lakeview is home to several parks and public spaces. The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, with funding from Special Service Area 27, has created new public spaces in the neighborhood to provide pedestrians a place to linger and enjoy free public programming

    The Lincoln Hub

    Intersection of Lincoln/Southport/Wellington

    The Lincoln Hub installation at Lincoln/Wellington/Southport combines traffic calming, pedestrian improvements and public art to create a memorable focal point for the Lincoln Avenue corridor in Lakeview. Painted corner bump-outs at the Lincoln Hub help to slow traffic to safer speeds while reducing the crossing distance for pedestrians by 34%. The bump-outs also increase the pedestrian space, providing room for new seating and landscaping that welcomes people to linger. The intersection features a colorful, attention-grabbing art installation painted on the street and sidewalk surface on all six corners, which visually ties the corners together and highlights the area as the heart of the neighborhood.

    The Lincoln Hub is part of a larger placemaking plan aimed at making Lincoln Avenue between Diversey and Belmont a more attractive place to visit, live and do business. The plan identified smaller-budget, short-term improvement projects—including sidewalk seating, landscaping, and artistic motifs—that could be implemented along four blocks of Lincoln Avenue, serving as a temporary intervention until the City begins a more significant streetscape overhaul. The plan is based on community input from more than 250 people gathered in two public open house meetings and through an online survey. The project was funded by Special Service Area 27 and designed by Site Design Group, earning a 2015 Charter Award from the Illinois Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism.


    Southport Ave. to Paulina St. Beneath the CTA 'L' Tracks

    The Low-Line project envisions a one-of-a-kind landmark destination that would connect Southport and Lincoln avenues with a continuous, half-mile long art walk and garden beneath the CTA ‘L’ tracks. First introduced in the 2011 Lakeview Area Master Plan (LAMP), the project began taking shape in 2016 with the transformation of a former CTA parking lot at Southport into a flexible plaza that hosts the Low-Line Market and artwork on four large mural walls. Additional improvements are planned for 2018 at the critical intersections of Ashland and Paulina, where new public spaces will become local destinations.

    People Spots

    3100-3118 N. Lincoln Ave. and 3418-3422 N. Lincoln Ave.

    People Spots are pedestrian decks that extend the sidewalk into the street to create welcoming seasonal public spaces with landscaping and seating to be enjoyed by the community and visitors. They are part of the Chicago Department of Transportation's Make Way for People program, which aims to create public spaces that cultivate community and culture in Chicago’s neighborhoods through placemaking. Lakeview's People Spots are maintained and installed from April through November each year by the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce with funding from Special Service Area 27. The Southport People Spot features an iconic public art bench and received an award from AIA Chicago in 2014. The Lincoln Avenue People Spot features cafe tables and chairs and chaise lounge seats. Both People Spots were designed locally by dSPACE Studio.

    Chicago Parks

    There are several Chicago Park District parks, playlots and facilities in Lakeview: