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  • Low-Line: A Vision to Connect and Beautify Lakeview

    The Low-Line re-envisions the half-mile space beneath the CTA ‘L’ tracks between Southport and Lincoln avenues as an exciting Chicago art destination and a fun and dynamic path connecting Lakeview. As a unique attraction, the Low-Line will not only beautify and green the neighborhood, but also has the potential to become a landmark attracting attention to Lakeview and Chicago while encouraging both visitors and residents to explore Lakeview’s local business districts on Southport and Lincoln avenues.

    Mural walls along the walkway will play host to rotating art exhibits, creating a larger-than-life outdoor gallery. An interactive light installation along the length of the path will playfully celebrate the ‘L’ structure, creating a quintessentially Chicago experience. Plazas located at Southport, Ashland and Paulina along the future Low-Line path will also incorporate seating elements and opportunities for programming, enhancing the experience for CTA riders and reinforcing the identity of the CTA stations as the heart of our neighborhood.

    The Low-Line project was first introduced in the 2011 Lakeview Area Master Plan as a means of connecting the neighborhood’s unique sub-districts and beautifying Lakeview. Special Service Area 27 and its 501(c)(3) non-profit partner organization, Friends of Lakeview, have partnered with PORT, a leading-edge design consultancy, to envision the future of the Low-Line.

    Existing Conditions

  • Project Background

  • Timeline


    The Lakeview Area Master Plan is unveiled, introducing the concept of the Low-Line


    The Low-Line Market launches beneath the Southport CTA station


    The Low-Line Market grows west of the auxiliary staircase beneath the Southport CTA station


    A former under-'L' parking lot beneath the Southport CTA station is transformed into the Southport Plaza, complete with a hardscape, planters, public seating and space for future programming

    Local street artists and Chicago Public School students create pop-up murals on temporary canvases at the Southport Plaza


    The Low-Line Market celebrates its fifth season at the Southport Plaza

    The Lakeview Chamber and SSA 27 partner with PORT, a leading-edge design consultancy, to envision future Low-Line improvements at Ashland and Paulina

    Community members gather to discuss Phase 1 of the Low-Line, including new Low-Line plazas at Southport, Ashland and Paulina

    Low-Line Mural Walls installed at the Southport Plaza


    Community members gather to discuss Phase 2 of the Low-Line, including a pathway between Paulina and Ashland

    Phase 1 and 2 construction on Low-Line plazas and pathway between Paulina and Ashland


    Anticipated completion of Low-Line plazas and pathway between Paulina and Ashland

    There is not yet a timeline or design for Phase 3 of the Low-Line, which would link Ashland to Southport, completing the project

  • Steering Committee

    The Low-Line Committee consists of members of the SSA Commission, Friends of Lakeview Board of Directors and the general public who provide vision and direction for the Low-Line. For more information, click here.

    Chairperson - Darian Campise, Campise Properties

    Jill Heise, SMR Commercial Properties

    Matt Lederer, Mahogany Builders

    Erin Schwartz, resident

    Chuck Stewart, Lakeview Insurance Agency

  • Additional Resources

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions about the Low-Line project? Read our answers to frequently asked questions here.

    Lakeview Area Master Plan

    Low-Line Market

    The Low-Line Market is a conveniently located and carefully curated farmers market taking place at the Southport Plaza.


    Learn more about PORT, the team responsible for designing the improvements at Ashland and Paulina.

  • Work Notice

    Beginning in June 2018, the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, with the assistance of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), is resuming work on Phases 1 and 2 of the Low-Line project. Download the construction notice below to learn more.

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    Have questions about the Low-Line project? Read our answers to frequently asked questions.

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