• Lakeview Gift Card FAQs

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    What is the maximum amount of Lakeview Gift Cards I can purchase?
    Individual gift cards can be purchased between $5-$500. Your total purchase may not exceed $2,999.99.

    What shipment options are available for the Lakeview Gift Card?
    Your Lakeview Gift Card can be sent to you via USPS First Class (FREE), UPS Ground ($10.00), or FedEx 2-Day ($26.00). You may select to ship cards to yourself or the recipient.

    Where can I use my Lakeview Gift Card?
    Your Lakeview Gift Card may be used for making purchases at participating Lakeview merchants. A complete list is available here.

    Does my Lakeview Gift Card ever expire?
    The funds on the Lakeview Gift Card never expire. However, after 12 months of inactivity the gift card will deduct a nonrefundable $3.00 per month maintenance fee from any remaining balance. To check the issue date on your gift card please visit www.getmybalance.com and enter your gift card number, or call Lakeview Customer Service at 773-472-7171.

    Can I redeem my gift card for cash?
    Lakeview Gift Cards are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash at anytime.

    How do I use the Lakeview Gift Card?
    The Lakeview Gift Card can be used at any participating merchants. A participating merchant list can be found here. Simply inform the merchant you will be using a Lakeview Gift Card and they will know how to proceed.

    What if I want to spend more than the card value?
    The Lakeview Gift Card can usually be combined with another form of payment to complete a purchase. Be sure to notify the cashier before they process your purchase. Please note that some stores are not able to do a split payment transaction.

    What happens if my Lakeview Gift Card is lost or stolen?
    Notify Lakeview Customer Service as soon as possible. Lost or stolen gift cards may not be replaced without adequate proof of purchase (original gift card receipt), and the corresponding gift card number. Please treat the Lakeview Gift Card as cash, if it is lost or stolen there is the possibility of the card being used by someone other than yourself. We are not able to restore funds to the Lakeview Gift Card at anytime.

    How do I keep track of my balance?
    You can check your gift card balance at www.getmybalance.com, by calling 1-800-755-0085, or take your Lakeview Gift Card into Lakeview Customer Service for assistance. You can also write in your latest balance in the space provided on the back of the card. As well, when you use your Lakeview Gift Card, the approval code at the bottom of your receipt represents your remaining balance. Example 58X17 = $58.17

    What if I want to return items purchased with my Lakeview Gift Card?
    Depending on the retailer’s return policy, Lakeview merchants will give store credit for returns.

    What if I have additional questions about Lakeview Gift Card?
    Lakeview Customer Service can be reached at 773-472-7171 with any additional questions regarding the program. If you have questions about an existing Lakeview Gift Card, please be sure to provide the sixteen (16) digit card number when you call

    I received a Bonus Card during Lakeview's holiday promotion. Do the funds on this promotional card expire?
    Yes, those funds will expire three months after the date of activation. To check on the status of your promotional card, visit www.getmybalance.com.