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  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot Eases Chicago Restrictions on Indoor Bars, Restaurants, Fitness Class Sizes

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    Mayor Lightfoot announced the easing of restrictions throughout the city on Monday. Per the Press Release:

    As part of our Phase IV: Gradually Resume guidelines, these updates will go into effect Thursday, October 1 at 5:00 a.m. These restrictions are the most up to date and take precedence over the industry-specific guidelines if there are points of contradiction.

    Updates include:
    • Restaurants, health and fitness centers, and all other establishments that have been limited to 25% indoor capacity will now be able to increase their maximum indoor capacity to 40%
    • The limit of 50 total individuals within one room or space remains in place
    • Bars, taverns, brewers and other establishments that serve alcohol for on-site consumption without a retail food license may reopen indoor seating at 25% capacity or 50 people, whichever is fewer
    • Service remains limited to no more than two hours per party, and customers must be seated when eating, drinking or ordering – patrons cannot walk up to the bar to order
    • The establishment must partner with a food provider so that food is available to patrons at all times (e.g., making menus available and allowing delivery, allowing patrons to order from third-party delivery services)

    Additional food service and bar updates include:
    • When dining out at a food service establishment or bar, customers must wear face coverings while seated at all times (including when interacting with staff), except when actively eating or drinking
    • When taking reservations and seating walk-in customers, restaurants and bars should retain an email and/or phone number for possible contact tracing
    • Bars, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol will now be able to sell alcohol for on-site or off-site consumption until 1:00 am and may remain open until 1:30 am (liquor stores, grocery stores and other establishments that sell alcohol to-go through a Package Goods license must continue to cease alcohol sales at 9:00 pm)
    • Maximum party size and table occupancy at restaurants, bars, taverns, breweries and event venues will remain at six people (indoor or outdoor)
    • Maximum group size for health and fitness classes, and after-school- programs increased from 10 to 15 people
    Personal services that require the removal of face coverings permitted to reopen (e.g., facials, beard trims)
    Services are recommended to be kept under 15 minutes and the employee conducting the service must always wear a face covering
    All places of business should provide hand sanitizer for patrons and employees to use upon entry
    Residential property managers are asked to continue limiting guest entry to five additional people for single-member households such that total indoor gatherings and parties do not exceed six people

    These restrictions, as part of Phase IV guidelines, are in effect until further notice. 

    More details and information can be found in this Chicago Tribune article.

    Additionally, the BACP will be hosting several webinars on these updated restrictions this week:

    Tuesday, 9/29 Webinar at 1:00 PM
    Overview of the New Phase Four Guidelines for All Businesses

    Tuesday, 9/29 Webinar at 2:30 PM
    Overview of the New Phase Four Guidelines for Personal Services

    Tuesday, 9/29 Webinar at 3:30 PM
    Overview of the New Phase Four Guidelines for Health and Fitness Centers

    Wednesday, 9/30 Webinar at 1:00 PM
    Overview of the New Phase Four Guidelines for Food Service and Bars

    Wednesday, 9/30 Webinar at 2:30 PM
    Overview of the New Phase Four Guidelines for Event and Performance Venues

    Wednesday, 9/30 Webinar at 3:30 PM
    Overview of the New Phase Four Guidelines for Retail

    Click here for more webinar information, and registration links.