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      "LAKE VIEW" by Anthony Lewellen, Photo by Way Up Creative
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      Artwork by Caroline Liu, Photo by Dillon Goodson
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      "THIS IS LAKEVIEW" by Lauren Asta, Photo by Dillon Goodson
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      "FLIGHT PATTERNS" by Chris Silva, Photo by Dillon Goodson
  • Public Art

    Lakeview is poised to become one of Chicago's most creative neighborhoods. Home to a growing collection of public art, locals and visitors alike enjoy the neighborhood's iconic murals and sculptures, cultural events, and other artistic offerings.

    The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and its partners, Special Service Area (SSA) 27 and Friends of Lakeview, are champions of public art. Guided by the 2011 Lakeview Area Master Plan, which prioritized the need for “more regular and district-wide public art," these three entities work together with local partners to fund the installation and exhibition of new works of art that meet the following goals:

    • Reflect the spirit of West Lakeview and its unique subdistricts, generating buzz that instills a sense of pride in locals and entices visitors to flock to the neighborhood.
    • Increase foot traffic along commercial corridors, encouraging pedestrians to explore shopping, dining and entertainment options.
    • Celebrate Chicago as a cultural city and position Lakeview as a leading creative community that welcomes diverse perspectives.

    If you would like to help with our mission to bring more public art to Lakeview by providing funding assistance or access to spaces, please email info@lakeviewchamber.com. Artists and curators who are interested in submitting artwork for consideration for future public art projects should submit an application via the Request for Qualifications below.


  • Lakeview Neighborhood Murals

    Enjoy our Lakeview Low-Line Art Walk Tour on the Vamonde app to enjoy a lovely walk in the neighborhood learning about these beautiful murals.

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  • Bears on Parade by Felix Maldonado (2020)
    3409 N. Ashland Ave
    In the mid-18th century, the area of Lakeview was once utilized as a camp and trail path for the Miami, Ottawa and Winnebago Native American tribes. It was also an important migrant trail path for wildlife -- Maldonado's concept salutes this history. The background, painted in a two-tone blue, represents sky and water, while the multitude of bears and cubs are painted in monochromatic reds to represent life and earth. Combined, this concept draws a clever nod, not only to the flag of Chicago, but to some of Chicago's favorite sports teams.
  • Sharon-Dowell_2.JPG
  • Blossoming by Sharon Dowell (2020)
    3409 N. Ashland Ave
    Sharon Dowell believes that creative place making communicates distinctiveness and generates connections across communities. Intertwining themes course through her work; the energy of place, transition and temporality. Shifting facets and planes overlapping; what was there before and what is yet to come that we cannot anticipate. The repeating happening in spaces leaving imprints of memories and energies; the idea that one could peel back or cut a hole in this dimension and walk into a past, future or another current dimension we cannot see.
    Dowell states that the woman in this mural reflects the idea of the body as a vessel, a sanctuary, and a healing transition or blossoming. It also expresses a hope that all who coexist together in the bustling city of Chicago will bloom to their full potential.
  • Flight-Patterns_180928.AngelaGarbotPhotography.LVC.RibbonCutting.PaulinaStation.103-HiRes-w1200.jpg
  • Flight Patterns by Chris Silva and Yollocalli Arts Reach (2018)
    3411 N. Paulina St
    Chris Silva's creative pursuits are firmly rooted in Chicago's street art scene, and his artistic journey began right here in the neighborhood of Lakeview. Chris was an innovative figure in Chicago's early graffiti and skateboarding scenes and from that foundation he proceeded to play a significant role in the development of what is now commonly referred to as "street art."
    Yollocalli Arts Reach is the youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art. For over 20 years, Yollocalli Arts Reach has made informal learning spaces available to thousands of teens and young adults in Chicago, winning numerous awards for innovative, youth-centered arts programming. 
  • Antonio-Beniquez-1-w1000.jpg
  • untitled mural by Antonio Beniquez (2020)
    3406 N. Ashland Ave
    As a graduate of Lake View High School and mentor for the Kerry Wood foundation, the Lakeview neighborhood has been a big part of Beniuez' life. His inspiration for the mural was to incorporate elements that were most impactful to him, as a kid, from being in the neighborhood. The black and red school colors, which represent his pride for his time at LV High School, to the simplistic yet bold nature of the design coupled with his own unique style, were crucial features in deciding the direction of the mural.
  • DSC_0030-w1024.jpg
  • Urbs in Horto by Louise "Ouizi" Jones (2019)
    2637 N. Southport Ave
    Located just blocks from Wrigley Field in the heart of the Southport Corridor, Urbs in Horto is a bold new mural that incorporates colorful flowers found throughout the Midwest in its design. Created by renowned Detroit-based artist Louise "Ouizi" Jones, the artwork borrows its name from the City of Chicago's official motto, which means "City in a Garden."
    Ouizi says depicting Chicago's motto in plain view and using specific blooms will honor the city's close relationship with nature: "Chrysanthemums are Chicago's official flower, so they are featured most prominently in the mural. Roses are universally recognizable and loved, but they were also Anne Hewlett Fuller's favorite, and the bloom that the famous Chicagoan architect and designer Buckminster Fuller gave her in courtship. Echinacea and prairie grasses are both found growing wild in Chicago, a nod to the abundance of beautiful wild foliage in Illinois."
  • Lakeview-Chamber-of-Commerce-247-w1000.jpg
  • Imitation Aura by Chad Kouri (2019)
    3410 N. Southport Ave
    An aura is simply known as a colorful emanation surrounding the body of a living creature regarded as an essential and unique part of the individual. It's known to represent a person's true personality and emotions and can change according to how a person is feeling and the thoughts they have. Kouri intended for audiences to interact with these murals by picking which imitation aura attracts each individual most and take a photo in front of it, capturing their imitation aura. You can even stop by the mural each day to see which imitation aura appeals to you most given your changing moods and emotions.
  • Mauricio_1-w1152.jpg
  • Year Round by Mauricio Ramirez (2020)
    3406 N. Ashland Ave
    A Chicago native, Mauricio Ramirez, tells the story of how the seasons highly influence the activity throughout the city. All through the mural, you can see how the seasons of color playfully interact with each other. This playfulness reminders Ramirez of how fluid the climate is due to global warming and our impact on the environment.
    The characters Ramirez depicts stem from his heritage as a Mexican-American. In the summer, it's common for Latina women to wear embroidered blouses and fixed floral decorations on their head. It is a sign of warm climate and represents summertime in Chicago. This piece not only sheds light on weather, but the seasonal colors are meant to bring happiness and joy. The kaleidoscope of colors brings an immediate sense of brightness and fun which makes this mural site the ultimate destination to celebrate happy moments.
  • LaurenAsta180928.AngelaGarbotPhotography.LVC.RibbonCutting.PaulinaStation.101-HiRes-w1200.jpg
  • This Is Lakeview by Lauren Asta (2018)
    3411 N. Paulina St
    "Creating public artwork allows me to visually stimulate an audience and inspire them with my cast of characters doing what they do best: being humorous about the human experience." Lauren Asta is a traveling muralist and artist who left her home base of San Francisco in 2016 to follower her paintbrush. She specializes in illustration, doodle art, street art and murals. Her murals are all hand painted without any aid of a sketch, projector, or traced outline. She works completely freehand.
    "I want the community to be proud of something positive that belongs to them. To have it be a constant reminder to be bold, to flex the hustle, and to hopefully have the desire to create something - big or small."
  • AGarbotPhotography.Event.MuralDedication.LakeviewChamber.10-WEB.jpg
  • Lake View by Anthony Lewellen (2017)
    3241 N. Lincoln Ave
    This iconic 4,000 square-foot mural celebrates Lakeview at an intersection that has historically served as the geographical center of the neighborhood. Artist Anthony Lewellen was raised in Lakeview, went to Lake View High School and has been a prominent figure in the Chicago art scene for decades, drawing inspiration for his design from the place he once called home. Lewellen says the central female figure in Lake View personifies the neighborhood itself: "Her hair, flowing like weaves, towers above the surrounding trees and buildings and in her reflected gaze, we see the horizon clear, blue, open and full of possibilities."
  • About the Lakeview Public Art Committee About the Lakeview Public Art Committee

    The Lakeview Public Art Committee is responsible for identifying innovative artists and securing funding to support the display of public works of art in highly-visible locations throughout West Lakeview. Consisting of volunteers who share diverse experience in the arts and fundraising, the committee and its recommendations help advance the mission of Friends of Lakeview, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and partner of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area (SSA) 27.

  • Lakeview Public Art Committee Members Lakeview Public Art Committee Members

    Chair - Erin Schwartz
    Chair, Special Service Area 27
    Friends of Lakeview

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    Allyson Coglianese
    Chicago Transit Authority

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