• Lake View by Anthony Lewellen in Chicago
  • Public Art

    Lakeview is one of Chicago's most creative neighborhoods. Home to a growing collection of public art, locals and visitors alike enjoy the neighborhood's iconic murals and sculptures, cultural events, and other artistic offerings.

    The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and its partners, Special Service Area (SSA) 27 and Friends of Lakeview, are champions of public art. Guided by the 2011 Lakeview Area Master Plan, which prioritized the need for “more regular and district-wide public art," these three entities work together with local partners to fund the installation and exhibition of new works of art that meet the following goals:

    • Reflect the spirit of West Lakeview and its unique subdistricts, generating buzz that instills a sense of pride in locals and entices visitors to flock to the neighborhood.
    • Increase foot traffic along commercial corridors, encouraging pedestrians to explore shopping, dining and entertainment options.
    • Celebrate Chicago as a cultural city and position Lakeview as a leading creative community that welcomes diverse perspectives.

    If you would like to help with our mission to bring more public art to Lakeview by providing funding assistance or access to spaces, please email info@lakeviewchamber.com. Artists and curators who are interested in submitting artwork for consideration for future public art projects should submit an application via the Request for Qualifications below.

  • Request for Qualifications: Lakeview Public Art Program

    Calling all creatives! The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Special Service Area (SSA) 27 and Friends of Lakeview, is accepting qualifications from artists and curators interested in activating public spaces in West Lakeview with original works of art. Complete this form to be considered for future public art projects, including murals, sculptures, performance art, and other media. All future projects will take place within the boundaries of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, which include the area bounded by Racine Avenue, Ravenswood Avenue, Diversey Parkway and Irving Park Road.

    For a list of public spaces in West Lakeview, including examples of several spaces managed by the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, click here. The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and its partners are tasked with creating new public spaces in the neighborhood, so not all available opportunities are listed.

    Applicants are encouraged to apply now to be considered for projects in future years. Submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and applicants will only be contacted if they are matched with an opportunity. Due to the volume of applications, we kindly request that you do not contact us for an update on the status of your submission.

  • The form requires users to login using a Google email address. Create a free Google account here.

    (Pictured above: "Lake View" by Anthony Lewellen, funded by SSA 27; Photo by Way Up Creative)