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      "LAKE VIEW" by Anthony Lewellen, Photo by Way Up Creative
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      Artwork by Caroline Liu, Photo by Dillon Goodson
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      "THIS IS LAKEVIEW" by Lauren Asta, Photo by Dillon Goodson
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      "FLIGHT PATTERNS" by Chris Silva, Photo by Dillon Goodson
  • Public Art

    Lakeview is poised to become one of Chicago's most creative neighborhoods. Home to a growing collection of public art, locals and visitors alike enjoy the neighborhood's iconic murals and sculptures, cultural events, and other artistic offerings.

    The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and its partners, Special Service Area (SSA) 27 and Friends of Lakeview, are champions of public art. Guided by the 2011 Lakeview Area Master Plan, which prioritized the need for “more regular and district-wide public art," these three entities work together with local partners to fund the installation and exhibition of new works of art that meet the following goals:

    • Reflect the spirit of West Lakeview and its unique subdistricts, generating buzz that instills a sense of pride in locals and entices visitors to flock to the neighborhood.
    • Increase foot traffic along commercial corridors, encouraging pedestrians to explore shopping, dining and entertainment options.
    • Celebrate Chicago as a cultural city and position Lakeview as a leading creative community that welcomes diverse perspectives.

    If you would like to help with our mission to bring more public art to Lakeview by providing funding assistance or access to spaces, please email info@lakeviewchamber.com. Artists and curators who are interested in submitting artwork for consideration for future public art projects should submit an application via the Request for Qualifications below.

  • 2019 Request for Qualifications: Lakeview Public Art Program

    Friends of Lakeview, a leading organization supporting the display of public art throughout Chicago’s largest community area, is currently accepting qualifications from artists and arts organizations interested in activating public spaces in West Lakeview with original works of art. Friends of Lakeview and its partner entity, Special Service Area (SSA) 27, have identified opportunities to create approximately 15 small- and large-scale murals throughout West Lakeview in 2019. A majority of these projects are planned for the Lakeview Low-Line—a one-of a kind project that re-envisions the half-mile space beneath the CTA ‘L’ tracks between Southport and Lincoln avenues as an exciting Chicago art destination and a fun and dynamic path connecting Lakeview.

    This Request for Qualifications seeks information about artists practicing in any discipline, although there is a short-term need and strong preference for visual artists who can create two-dimensional murals as described above. Applicants who apply via this Request for Qualifications may be selected for a 2019 project site, or if opportunities are not identified for an artist as part of the 2019 jury process, applicants may be considered for different projects in a future year. All applications must be submitted by March 1, 2019 in order to be considered for current or future projects.

    The application deadline has passed. Due to the volume of applications, we kindly request that applicants do not contact us about the status of their applications. We will notify all applicants who applied as part of the 2019 Request for Qualifications at the conclusion of the current jury round. For more information about the review process, click here.

  • About the Lakeview Public Art Committee About the Lakeview Public Art Committee

    The Lakeview Public Art Committee is responsible for identifying innovative artists and securing funding to support the display of public works of art in highly-visible locations throughout West Lakeview. Consisting of volunteers who share diverse experience in the arts and fundraising, the committee and its recommendations help advance the mission of Friends of Lakeview, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and partner of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and Special Service Area (SSA) 27.

  • Lakeview Public Art Committee Members Lakeview Public Art Committee Members

    Lauren Asta

    Geetika Chandran

    Allyson Coglianese
    Chicago Transit Authority

    Lee Crandell
    Friends of Lakeview

    Angela Garbot
    Angela Garbot Photography

    Dillon Goodson
    Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
    Special Service Area 27

    Richard Lange
    Cornelia Arts Building

    Cortney Lederer
    CNL Projects
    School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    Anthony Lewellen

    Lindsey Liss

    Rebecca Resman

    Lydia Ross
    Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

    Gerardo Salamanca
    Cafe Tola

    Lisa Santos
    Southport Grocery and Cafe

    Erin Schwartz
    Chair, Lakeview Public Art Committee

    Jeremy Wechsler
    Theater Wit