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  • Strategic Planning

    Lakeview Area Master Plan

    Responding to growing local economic needs and future goals, the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and SSA 27 unveiled the Lakeview Area Master Plan (LAMP) on March 15, 2011. LAMP re-envisions areas of historic Lincoln Avenue, the Southport Corridor, and Belmont Avenue. Using professional expertise, community involvement and outreach, and economic analysis, LAMP sought to define the Lakeview neighborhood, investigate growing new business, retain existing tenants, identify opportunities for growth, create a cohesive streetscape, and improve the quality of life for Lakeview residents. It seeks out ways to give people reasons to live in, linger in, and long to come back to Lakeview.

    The LAMP project team included PLACE Consulting as planning consultants, Moss Design as sustainability consultants, and Z Factory for graphic design and neighborhood branding. The plan received a Community Outreach Award from the American Planning Association - Illinois Chapter in 2011.

    LAMP Documents

    Strategic Blueprint

    This Strategic Blueprint is a tool created in 2018 to guide the work of the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, Special Service Area 27 (SSA 27), and Friends of Lakeview, developed jointly by their board members based on research, community surveys, and interviews with stakeholders. It is intended to help point our collective efforts in a direction that will most effectively move the needle toward realizing our shared vision for our community. It will provide a framework for developing annual work plans and for measuring our success, while also serving as a tool to communicate how we approach our work to people both internally and externally.

    Click here to download our Strategic Blueprint.